Kraft Paper Rolls

  Made in Canada

Kraft paper is extremely durable and useful in a multitude of ways. Kraft paper can be for bundling, wrapping different materials, and even art projects! Being so durable, Kraft paper can be placed between layers of products on a pallet as load binders. Moreover, Kraft paper can be used to cover floors during construction projects and home renovations. We sell Kraft paper in four categories of GSM. Please look at the following list of sizes for your Kraft paper needs:

Select different sizes :

  1. 30lbs kraft paper :
    1. 6"x750 feet               1. 6"x1000 feet
    2. 9"x750 feet               2. 9"x1000 feet
    3. 12"x750 feet             3. 12"x1000 feet
    4. 18"x750 feet             4. 18"x1000 feet
    5. 24"x750 feet             5. 24"x1000 feet
    6. 36"x750 feet             6. 36"x1000 feet
    7. 48"x750 feet             7. 48"x1000 feet
    8. 60"x750 feet             8. 60"x1000 feet
    9. 72"x750 feet             9. 72"x1000 feet
    10. 36"x1200 feet
  2. 40lbs kraft paper:
    1. 18"x900 feet
    2. 24"x900 feet
    3. 36"x900 feet
    4. 48"x900 feet
  3. 50lbs kraft paper:
    1. 18"x720 feet
    2. 24"x720 feet
    3. 36"x720 feet
    4. 48"x720 feet
  4. 60lbs kraft paper:
    1. 24"x600 feet
    2. 36"x600 feet
    3. 60"x600 feet

      1" and 3" cores available




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